Looking for a local farmers’ markets in the Fort Lauderdale area? The Green Market Management company has a fabulous market in the downtown area at 333 East Las Olas Blvd. and SE 4th Ave. Every Sunday from 9am until 2.

TGMMC (The Green Market Management Company) is a family owned business.  We strive to provide the highest quality food products and an eclectic group of other interesting and unique non-food products.  Rachel, a retired school teacher, still needed  income to put her son through College. So, she decided to embark on a new adventure and sell Pappardelles’ Pasta at area farmers’ markets. Rachel began her new career while still teaching just to make sure that it was a comfortable fit. She discovered that she enjoyed the friendships that were built and shared between the venders and customers at the markets.

One of the markets that Rachel was participating in was having some serious problems. It was in a great location but for some reason was in decline.  Not wanting to give up on a market that she perceived as having great potential she contacted the sponsors to make some suggestions to help build the market.  The sponsors were so impressed with Rachel’s ideas and enthusiasm that she was asked to become the market manager.  TGMMC was born and the Las Olas Outdoor Green Market has not been the same since.  On any Sunday you can see area people with their pets and children meeting with friends and neighbors while shopping for fresh produce, baked goods and all sorts of fun and interesting things.

Recently TGMMC was contacted by the president of the Ft. Lauderdale Civic Association who had ideas on how to improve the Las Olas Market.  Now, The Ft. Lauderdale Civic Association is  sponsoring The Las Olas Sunday Market which lead to a change in location and the addition of many more vendors. We want to make it an event that many more people will want to frequent on a weekly basis for their shopping.

Come by and meet our local farmers who will explain how they grow their food and use no pesticides.

 At the Green Market Management Company we believe that a warm family environment means everything to our customers and vendors.  It is not at all unusual to see visitors greeting their favorite vendors as if they were long lost friends.  It gives the feel of the markets of yesteryear before the advent of the chain groceries and big box stores.  You’ll want to come to market for the neighborhood feel of times gone by as much as for the wonderful things you will find there.